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Monday, 2 April 2012

PCCare247.com Ripoff Report: A Statement Laced With Mendacity

It is said that ‘everything is fair in love and war’, but people have taken this phrase for granted, which gives them an illusion that whatever they do whether wicked or shoddier that doesn’t matter so long as they are in the competition. But they forget that the lie has a short life, and ultimately the truth stands tall. And now days, this is more prevalent in the tech space, where companies by any hook or crook are using all the techniques to promote and sell their products and services to the prospect customers. In this rat race, they are also not unhesitant to give a consideration to any hanky-panky action or better to say ‘Malpractice’, so that the players in the same field could be weeded out for once and all, without investing big efforts or large sums of money.

Online Scams are a Part and Parcel Of Bigger Conspiracy

In this competitive business setting, nothing comes so easy, especially if someone is keenly eyeing on your peeking success charts and mulling over rigorously to flatten them out. In the corporate battle ground, online defamation strategy seems to be working quite well as it is a way easy approach to eat your way through your competitor’s haggle. Rip-off reports may seem to be genuine but then they may be penned down by contenders, who are lying in lurk to pull down their arch rivals from mounting the success ladder. The line of action is quite simple as it is all about creating fake accounts and then brim them up with fabricated and libeling information about the organization. The result is clear in the form of long-scale impact on customer’s acumen, giving a heavy blow to long term standing of the organization in front of its present and also the potential patrons.

PCCare247 Complaint Forum: An Ideal Way to Garrote The Bad, The Wrong and The Fake

PCCare247, a trend weaver and also a key player in online technical support, has also been a victim of this online defamation campaign. But then, quickly getting a whiff of what’s being cooking, PCCare247 has come up with its very own Complaint Forum. PCCare247 Complaint Forum proffers an ideal pedestal to the displeased patrons to speak up their mind, whatever good or bad they have, along with getting their gripes heard so that relevant remedial actions can be taken in time to render all these grouses down to zilch for once and all, before they make any comeback. Off course, this is what can be said a wiser approach and also in accordance to what’s being expected from an unswerving and idiot-proof organization such as PCCare247.


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