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Sunday, 22 January 2012

PCCare247 Ripoff Reports - How to Remove a Ripoff Report from Google’s First Page?

Getting a negative listing on sites like Ripoff Report can happen to anyone, including upstanding companies and individuals. On most of these complaint sites, users can post complaints claiming they have been ripped off by any company or person, for any reason, all while remaining completely anonymous. Even if you are able to prove that listed allegations are incorrect, most of these sites will still decline to take down posted complaints.

Seeing an unfair negative listing about you sitting on the first page of Google is like being punched in the gut. As they are posted anonymously, you have no idea from where (or whom) the complaint has come from. Is it from a customer, an employee, or maybe even a competitor? The natural instinct is to fight back and respond to these allegations directly on their forums. However, in most cases, a response is the worst thing you can do. Here is why.

By responding to the post you are increasing the amount of user-generated content and activity on the complaint. Search engines like Google then notice this increased activity and interpret it to mean the post is both relevant and important, thus listing the complaint even higher. Moreover, there is then the chance the other party will respond to your rebuttal, further increasing the complaint’s activity, and moving the ranking higher still. This back and forth can sometimes go several rounds with the end result being an entrenched ranking that’s close to impossible to get rid of.

How to remove a Ripoff Report?

Once a complaint has been posted on Ripoff Report, you will not be able to take it off the site. Not even the person who wrote the complaint, should they have a change of heart, is able to remove the listing after the fact. Some of these complaint sites will even add your inquiry to remove a listing to the complaint itself, which for reasons detailed above, is also problematic.

Okay, so if I can’t remove a Ripoff Report, what can I do?

Despite the above challenges, it is still possible to remove a Ripoff Report from the top pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We do this by implementing a two-step process.

Step 1: As part of an Online Reputation Management campaign, we will develop a large list of positive listings for you. Those listings come in the form of micro-sites, business profiles, article syndications and press releases, all designed to occupy the top pages on search engines and, as such, outrank the Ripoff Report. However, in almost every case, this strategy by itself is not sufficient in removing a Ripoff Report from the first page of a search engine. As such, beyond just creating these positive listings, we then also heavily promote them in order to outrank, and thus push down, the Ripoff Report.

Step 2: After, on average, eight weeks or so, most of these newly created profiles should start to appear on the top pages of search engines. A few of them, hopefully, will have already surpassed the Ripoff Report and therefore already have started the process of pushing the negative listing down. However, more work will still be necessary. As such, in order to remove the Ripoff Report from the first page of Google completely, we then start to promote listings that are just below the Ripoff Report. As these listings then start to outrank the Ripoff Report, we target a new set of positive URLs that are not yet above the Ripoff Report.  This process is then repeated until we have a completely clean first page.

More info on how to Remove Ripoff Reports


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